Hopper Windows in Dallas & Fort Worth, TX

If youíre looking to replace the windows in your basement or first-floor bathroom, consider choosing hopper windows. This style provides ventilation in spaces where itís not ideal or even possible to install full-size windows.

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What is a Hopper Window?

There are various types of hinged windows, including casements with hinges on the side and awning windows with hinges on the top. In the case of hopper windows, the hinges are located on the bottom, so they open like an oven door. The windows are vertically oriented and usually installed high on the wall.

Unlike awning and casement windows that pivot outward, hopper windows open inward, allowing for easy operation. The lock and handle are usually integrated, making it simple to turn the handle, unlock the window, and pull it open.

Be aware that hopper windows are usually installed to add natural light and ventilation to a space. Most are too small or awkward to climb out of, so you may need to incorporate other egress windows to meet fire safety codes.

Benefits of Installing Hopper Windows in Dallas & Fort Worth Homes

Hopper basement windows offer various benefits, including:

  • Light and ventilation: Basements are infamous for being dark, dank places where bugs hide out and mold grows. Adding a hopper window can change by adding light to and combating humidity in the basement.
  • Adequate insulation: Any time you add a window where there previously wasnít one, you risk the chance of air leaks and heat transfer. Modern hopper windows are designed efficiently to prevent raising your homeís energy bills.
  • Security: Full-size basement windows pose a security risk because someone could climb into the window well and break into your home. Hopper windows are small, making it difficult for a full-grown intruder to come and go.
  • Versatility: Hopper windows have numerous applications. In addition to being the ideal basement windows, they are also a practical way to introduce fresh air in the bathroom without compromising privacy. You can also install them as transom windows above picture windows to ventilate the room. Hopper windows can even be used to increase airflow between rooms without opening a door.

What Makes Zen Windows Dallas a Great Choice?

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If you move forward with us, you can expect your windows to go in within three to four weeks. We guarantee our work and back everything we do with a lifetime warranty. Once you realize how relaxing shopping for windows can be, youíll never want to do it any other way.

Hopper Window Installation in Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas

Whether youíre confident that hopper windows are just what you need, or youíre still comparing your options, Zen Windows Dallas is here for you. Tell us how many windows you need and where you plan to install them, and weíll help with the rest.

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