Double-Hung Window Replacement & Installation in Dallas, Texas

If youíre looking to replace or install double-hung windows in your Dallas home, choose Zen Windows Dallas. Our team will install classic double-hung windows, allowing you and your family to enjoy their unrestrictive benefits in your home. As the most popular type of window for homes in the Dallas area, double-hung windows improve curb appeal, aesthetic, energy efficiency, and the overall value of the home.

With our team, youíll experience the benefit of a simple replacement window service and the ease of requesting a quote online. We are dedicated to providing the most enjoyable and stress-free process possible when customers choose the experts at Zen Windows Dallas!

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What Is a Double-Hung Window?

A double-hung window, or a twin double-hung window, has an operable upper and lower window sash that can each open with a spring-loaded balance system. They allow effortless cleaning on both the inside and outside of each sash. As one of the most popular replacement windows in Dallas, double-hung windows provide good air flow and can be ordered in wood, vinyl, or aluminum.

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Double-Hung vs Single-Hung Windows

Both double-hung and single-hung windows are among the most classic types of windows you can have in your home. If youíre browsing for windows online and want to know what to choose, itís important to know the similarities and differences between the two. Similarities of single- and double-hung windows include:

  • Vertical sliding with an upper and lower sash
  • Identical external design
  • Versatile style in the home

Differences between the two are that:

  • Double-hung windows are typically higher in cost than single-hung
  • Double-hung can take a little longer than single-hung to install
  • Double-hung windows are easier to maintain and clean than single-hung

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Premier Double-Hung Window Replacement Services in Dallas

Replacing a double-hung window in your Dallas home with Zen Windows Dallas will be completed quickly and correctly. We offer different types of double-hung windows and they tend to be favored in homes because they can be opened from both the top and bottom, making cleaning them a simple process.

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Why Choose Zen Windows Dallas for Window Installation Services?

When installing windows in your Dallas home, hiring a professional is essential. The experts at Zen Windows Dallas will get the job done right the first time and you will not have to worry about incorrect window installation. We offer double-hung windows, single-hung windows, and more to enhance your Dallas home. You and your family members will also enjoy increased energy efficiency and no air leaks.

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