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What Is a Casement Window?

Casement picture windows have a side hinge allowing the window to swing in the same manner as a door opens and closes. They are mounted on side hinges and can vertically pivot open and closed when a crank on the inside of the window is rotated. There are a variety of casement window sizes, and they can be installed in singles or pairs and are hinged on the outside. They bring several benefits to the home, including:

  • Increased ventilation – The windows easily bring breezes into the home because of how they open up and increase cross-ventilation to keep your home cool.
  • Improved views – Casement windows have fewer window mullions (which divide panes of glass on a window), making the view better.
  • Heightened security – The locks on casement windows are hook-shaped and embedded into the frame, making them difficult to break into.

Types of Casement Windows

Zen Windows Dallas offers a variety of casement windows such as:

  • French casement windows
  • Wood casement windows
  • Vinyl casement windows
  • And more

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Casement Window FAQ

What is the difference between casement and double-hung windows?

Casement windows rely on a crank to open and close, while double-hung windows slide up and down and are typically considered to be all-purpose windows. They also look very different in that casement windows bring a modern touch to a home and are contemporary while double-hung windows are more traditional.

Are casement windows more expensive than double-hung windows?

Yes, casement windows are around 10 percent more expensive than double-hung windows.

Do casement windows have screens?

There can be a screen on casement windows, but it must be inside the home because of how the hinged door opens.

What is a French casement window?

A French casement window does not have a center vertical post and opens like a French door, providing an unobstructed view outside.

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