Pros & Cons of Aluminum Versus Vinyl Replacement Windows

When youíre looking for the best replacement windows for your Dallas home, youíll have all sorts of choices to make, from what type of window style you want to frame colors and more. While many people have an idea of the styles and colors they may want, choosing a material can be tricky.

In fact, if you donít work in textiles or shop for windows regularly, you may be looking for answers about which types of window materials are best when it comes to durability, appearance, and more. To help you sort through the options and make the best choice, hereís a look at the pros and cons of aluminum versus vinyl replacement windows.

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Aluminum Replacement Windows: Pros & Cons

Available in various shapes and styles, aluminum replacement windows can increase a homeís resale value while offering benefits like being:

  • Durable: Aluminum is a strong material that wonít twist or bend, regardless of the outdoor temperatures.
  • Green: Aluminum can be recycled and reused, making it an environmentally friendly option for replacement windows in Dallas.
  • Attractive for modern styles: Typically designed with thinner frames, aluminum windows may provide a nice match for more contemporary homes or modern design preferences.

On the downside, aluminum replacement windows also come with drawbacks like being:

  • Less energy efficient: Aluminum is a great heat conductor, meaning that it easily absorbs and transfers heat from one area to another. That means your HVAC system will be working harder year-round, as more outdoor heat will enter your home in the summer and more indoor heat will leave your home in the winter.
  • Susceptible to damage: Aluminum can easily corrode with condensation. Because these replacement windows canít be painted, aluminum windows that are corroded usually have to be replaced, which can mean they donít last as long as their vinyl counterparts.
  • Expensive: Aluminum can cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars more than vinyl replacement windows. While the material itself may be more costly, the installation process is also typically more expensive.

Vinyl Replacement Windows: Pros & Cons

Similar to their aluminum counterparts, vinyl replacement windows are also available in an array of shapes and styles, and they can also increase a homeís resale value. In contrast to aluminum options, though, vinyl replacement windows offer benefits like being:

  • Energy efficient: Vinyl is highly effective at reducing heat transfer, making it useful for maintaining indoor temperatures (no matter how hot or cold it may be outdoors). Vinyl windowsí energy efficiency can mean lower monthly utility bills for months (and years) to come.
  • Cost effective: Vinyl windows are far less expensive than aluminum options, both in terms of material costs and installation fees.
  • Resistant to damage and paintable: Vinyl wonít corrode or deteriorate like aluminum windows. Plus, whenever youíre not thrilled with the look of your vinyl windows, you can paint them, giving them new life and making them last longer.

In terms of drawbacks, some potential cons to vinyl replacement windows may include that they are:

  • Susceptible to some contraction/expansion: Vinyl may expand or contract slightly over time or with extreme temperature changes.
  • Less green: While vinyl can be recycled, itís not as common as aluminum recycling. Plus, vinyl isnít biodegradable.

Materials for Replacement Windows: The Bottom Line

When it comes to selecting the material for your new replacement windows, the bottom line is that vinyl replacement windows tend to be better than aluminum options for most Dallas homeowners. Vinyl is budget-friendly, long-lasting, attractive, and versatile, making it ideal for all types of replacement window needs!

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