Why Are Some Windows Really Cheap and Some Replacement Windows Really Expensive?

There is a wide range of pricing out there in the replacement window quoting world, and most quotes take a lot of time to acquire (2 hours plus, via in home sales pitch combo with providing you your window quote).? The really cheap windows are likely not good windows (not hard to imagine how that could be). Specifically, they are likely poorly constructed (low insulating value, and frame only screwed together at the corners, for example) and will not likely have?professional?installers putting your home?s physical security and the ability of your home to retain heat, or cooling.? A window that is poorly installed, may not even be fully secured. This could especially be true if the window is not the correct size (especially true if the window openings are not measured properly).

The problem of cheap, oddly-affordable windows may also come with a non-existent warranty. This problem goes away when you work with Zen Windows.? Imagine a double warranty. Imagine never having to pay for an accidental window being broken, whether it?s 1 week after installation, or a decade later. Parts and labor covered.

With a few dozen top quality manufacturer, producing high energy efficiency, excellent construction, a few companies really promote heavily their brand on TV and other advertising. All of this costs money as you might imagine. The money that covers the advertising you see, comes in part from a higher price on your windows that your buying.? So before you get too excited about how many ads you may see on TV that seems to present one company above others, just remember that they are also building a case for handing you a much higher price per window.

With Zen Windows, you can skip all the games that you may otherwise have to navigate through. We will not present to you pricing games, or do a deal today and get this price break, etc, etc.

Start a?vinyl window quote?today online with us, and just start by telling us how many windows of each type and you are close to being done.

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