Triple-Pane Lotus Zen Windows Dallas

DALLAS, TX – The Lotus Triple Pane window line from Zen Windows Dallas / Fort Worth is our most efficient window by far—even with all of our windows lines being Energy Star rated. the Lotus—stands out as the most efficient.

The Lotus comes with fusion-welded sashes and frames that are built incredibly strong and are made to be the most durable for preventing any kind of air or water intrusion. The top portion of the vinyl replacement window has what is called a fully-beveled head which provides a beautifully consistent and contemporary presentment around the top and sides of the window itself. This triple pane window comes with an integral left rail which is both ergonomically designed and extremely comfortable to the touch while providing a substantially stronger option compared to other snap and type lift rails on the market with other window companies in Dallas.

In order to protect from undesirable heat transfer—where the cold leaches into the heat and the heat bleeds into the cold, instead the Lotus triple pane window comes with something called a super spacer which is metal-free and has a warm edge sealing system providing the best possible reduction of heat transfer at the perimeter of glass.

The Lotus is triple pane windows from Zen Windows Dallas / Fort Worth automatically come with certa-force balance system which enables a super slick operational movement of the double hung windows so smooth that it will never require lubrication or adjustments to be made to maintain the fluid movement. The tilt latches on the load is triple pane window on the double hung windows in particular are very low profile and unobtrusive.

The window screens latch into place on the Lotus triple pane in a very discreet, aesthetically-savvy way. (You can specify full screen, or half screen. There are advantages to both.)

It may not seem like much to talk about the vinyl framing of the window with a tight mortise-cut and double-wall sill dam, but the design is very intentional for added protection against any type of air or water intrusion.

It’s no wonder that the Lotus triple pane window has earned an AAMA Gold Label Certification!

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