Top Reasons for Replacing Windows in the Dallas / Fort Worth Areas

DALLAS – FORT WORTH – Replacement Windows are one of the more popular ways to improve your home.  Across the United States and certainly true here in the Dallas / Fort Worth areas, double-hung windows are by far the most frequently requested window to be installed. There are so many reasons that come to mind for home owners as to why they may need, or want to replace their windows, but some of the more frequent reasons that we hear are:

Energy Savings – Most people do mention energy savings are part of their reason for getting new replacement windows here in Dallas / Fort Worth area. As it turns out, the walls of your home are very well insulating but the openings where the windows are create a significant drop in insulative material (glass) which is why you will most likely feel a more heat passing through single pane or older double pane windows.

Ease of Cleaning – As most windows being installed are the double hung windows mentioned earlier, the double sash that tilt and lock for easy cleaning all the surfaces of your new windows from inside your home. No more trying to attach cleansers to your hose, or trying to pressure wash your second floor windows, etc. The ease of cleaning brings a lot of peace of mind to those that get especially frustrated by dirty windows that can sometimes come from pollution in the rain at certain times of the year.

Safety – Many windows that are older and have problems locking/unlocking or opening and closing pose a problem of safety to family members that are not able to operate those windows in the event of a fire, or the need to exit the home via a window in an emergency. When problems with the locking mechanisms occur, this can create home intrusion safety problems. When night latches are not available in older windows, safety concerns arise when windows are left open at night with no ability to prevent the window from being opened more than just for air circulation.

Style Changes -  Some customers want to switch window types, where a double hung window may be more desirable than an older casement window, or vise versa. Beyond basic style changes, there are also changes that can be made with regards to internal and external colors, or adding grids, or other options. When you speak with us at Zen Windows Dallas / Fort Worth, we can quickly review options with you and provide all the details include detailed digital brochure to show ever last option if there is a unique feature you would like to make sure is included in your new replacement window project.

While there are many reasons beyond the ones mentioned here, every home owner is different and may have entirely different needs and motivations for getting new and improved windows installed. But all of our customers agree that the ease of going through the purchase process could not be easier. From the start of getting a pain-free 5-minute window quote, to not having to pay any down payment.  Customers enjoy the Zen Windows way.

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