What are the differences between Zen Windows Three Lines of Windows

Our three windows are called the Karma, Nirvana, and Lotus. All three windows are Energy Star. All of our windows are also precision manufactured 100% virgin vinyl. There are several screen options, available for upgrades from the half-screens that come included.

All of our double hung windows (for example) have easy to use tilt latches that allow the two parts of your new window to be cleaned. All of our double hung windows (in particular) include the same great safety feature for keeping your windows open only a few inches at night using night latches.

The Karma Zen Windows line of windows come in white, solid beige and solid brown. Even more options are available, especially in the interior for both the Nirvana and the Lotus line of windows. This includes wood grain interiors to match most any color.

Both of the Nirvana and Lotus window lines have their frame filled with foam for added insulation, and energy efficiency. And while the Nirvana window frames are metal reinforced, the Lotus windows have fiberglass reinforced frames.

The Lotus triple pane window is hands down the most efficient and has 3 panes of double strength glass. The Lotus uses the Super Spacer System, which is the most efficient system on the market.

All three windows have great features and specs to help you get the most window for your money. And if that was not enough, all of our Zen Window lines come with a full Lifetime Warranty which includes both parts and labor. Imagine never having to spend more money on your windows ever again, even when the unexpected baseball hits the glass.

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