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Offering lots of natural light and display space, garden windows are often a feature in kitchens where herbs and plants are grown all year. Created by four adjoining windows, garden windows commonly include built-in shelves.

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What Are Garden Windows?

Garden windows are three-dimensional windows that protrude out from a structure. Also called greenhouse windows, garden windows usually have glass tops to maximize the amount of light they draw in.

Often, garden windows are installed in small spaces that can use more light, like garden windows for kitchens, with the windows usually placed above or around the sink area.

What Is the Difference Between Garden Windows & Bay Windows?

Garden windows are like smaller versions of bay windows. Usually angled 90 degrees from a structure, garden windows are used for display and storage.

In contrast, bay windows are much larger and are usually angled at 25 to 45 degrees from a structure. This makes bay windows ideal for seating and lounging areas.

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Why Should I Choose Garden Windows?

Garden windows come in various sizes and styles, making it easy to customize them for any space and home. Some other advantages of garden windows include that they:

  • Add style & light – Charming from the inside out, garden windows offer character that can enhance the exterior of homes, adding to curb appeal and property values. From the inside, garden windows can bring in lots of natural light, brightening rooms.
  • Offer lovely views – Giving more peripheral views, garden windows can give you nice sights and scenes of the outdoors.
  • Provide space to store & display items – Garden windows’ box-like spaces are the perfect place to display anything from decorations and photos to plants and more! In fact, because garden windows provide optimal indoor light exposure all year, they are often used for herb gardens and flowers.

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