Can I Change the Type of Window When I Replace Them?

Yes. It is not uncommon for home owners to convert three side by side double hung windows into one large picture window, for example.

Or the reverse can be true too. A home owner may have very tall picture windows (stationary, no moving parts) and may wish to change that into single hung windows (where only the top portion of the window is stationary, and the bottom part can be then slide up and down, or tilted into your home during cleaning).

Another thing that home owners like to do is to convert a very large picture window into a bow or bay window (depending on the structure of your home). This can create more space while adding a very attractive architectural feature.

And who doesn’t love a little gardening (with focus on the word ‘little’)? Many home owners also have been adventurous and creative by converting their slider, or picture window over the kitchen sink area into a garden window which allows for some herb gardening year round. Yum. Fresh rosemary.

Other windows that get converted frequently, are casement windows (those windows that you use a crank to open/close) being converted to double hung windows. Or vise versa. Much smaller picture windows in a bathroom, can be converted to hopper, or awning type windows (small windows swinging open from the top or bottom).

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