Downside to Buying Cheap Window Screens

Cheap screens are no savings in the end.

When you’re buying your great new double or triple pane windows from Zen Windows Dallas / Fort Worth, you also get great quality screens to go with your windows.

Some manufactures tack on window screens that feel like they’re obscuring your view due to the coloration or textured pattern of the screen. Screens should not be noticeable and should not stand out. Only if you try to focus and see them should they appear. It will be a disappointment if you buy all your new windows and your screens are darker or more visible than you ever thought they would be.

We do not have data on other window companies but we do know of one replacement window company that has been known to install screens that appear quite dark and are a known customer complaint. Be aware and ask plenty of questions about the quality of the screen and the ability to see clearly through them.

There is the option of getting a half window screen, these screens only cover the lower portion of the window that you would open and ventilate. This is another way of solving the problem of having the screen block visibility. In addition, this option could save you a few dollars in the long run.

At Zen Windows Dallas / Fort Worth we use BetterVue replacement window screens. We do not get any complaints about them which is always ideal. They say if you watch a really good movie you will not notice the music but it will become part of the story and the whole experience. Same thing is true with replacement windows here in the Dallas / Fort Worth. We will install great BetterVue window screens so that you will not particularly notice them—they will just quietly do their job.

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